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This is the page of investor and writer Richard Beddard. I read annual reports, correspond with companies and attend annual general meetings to find out how businesses make money, why they should make more, and what could stop them.

Five Strikes

The pool of firms that interest me most share one characteristic, financial restraint. They have grown sustainably without taking big financial risks.  I identify them using a process called 5 Strikes, which you can read about at ShareScope

Decision Engine

Promising shares join the Decision Engine. This is a list of 40 shares. I score the dependability of each share's financial history, the distinctiveness of the underlying business and the coherence of its strategy. Every week, interactive investor publishes one of these evaluations.

Share Sleuth

The aim of the Decision Engine is to identify good long-term investments and suggest how much money to invest in them after factoring in the current share price. The proof of the pudding is the Share Sleuth portfolio, a model portfolio I have managed since September 2009. 

Share Sleuth updates are published on interactive investor. February 2024's update examined the portfolio's performance.

investing etc.

I write about my work and investing in the widest sense of the word in investing etc, which along with everything else is free to read.



Presenting the Decision Engine at The Student Managed Investment Fund UK Conference, held at The University of York in March 2022. Photo: Kirkpatrick Photography