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This is the page of investor and writer Richard Beddard. I read annual reports, correspond with companies and investors and attend annual general meetings to find out how businesses make money, why they should make more, and what could stop them.

Decision Engine

Then I score the most promising shares and rank them in my Decision Engine spreadsheet to find out which should be the best long-term investments.

Share Sleuth

The Decision Engine helps me decide which shares to buy and hold in Share Sleuth, a public portfolio I have managed since September 2009. You can read about it on Interactive Investor.

NEW! Five Strikes

Five strikes is a rapid evaluation process that helps me decide which shares to investigate using the SharePad data platform. I write about it at ShareScope.

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Presenting the Decision Engine at The Student Managed Investment Fund UK Conference, held at The University of York in March 2022. Photo: Kirkpatrick Photography